February 2018
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5 tips to improve your photography skills – Taking abstract photos (contd) ..

In the previous post, we learned some details about abstract photography and the technique of moving the camera or the zoom lens while the shutter was open. In this post, we continue further in this world – the world of abstract photos. Abstract is the direct opposite of something that is clearly defined, and it […]

5 Photo tips for morning / sunrise photos

Tip 286 (Shoot beaches in the morning): Getting good shots of beaches, especially the play of water over the sand, is fun. However, in the harsh light, the whole scene tends to get a bit flattened. Shooting at the beach in the morning enhances the effect of the play of water and sand, and you […]

5 Photo tips (centered around the morning and daybreak)

Tip 281 (Think differently): Sunrise does not always mean shots of the sun rising, or shining over water, through clouds or over mountains. Look for other photos; look at people sitting on the beach with the sun rising, people going about their work (early morning), people having breakfast, or even more interesting shots such as […]

5 Photo tips (centered around the morning and daybreak)

Tip 276 (Filters): Explore what camera equipment can do for you. For example, filters such as this Tiffen 62mm Graduated Sunrise Filter can help in making some beautiful sunrise photo.

Tip 277 (Use software): This may seem a bit odd, but if you are not able to get the required effect in a natural sunrise, […]

5 Photo tips (centered around the morning and daybreak)

Tip 271 (Use weather reports): There is nothing more frustrating than getting up early in the morning for some good sunrise photos, and then getting thwarted by clouds or bad weather. Even while developing patience is a good thing, you should read up about local weather, to make sure that you know what the weather […]