January 2018
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How to shoot great silhouettes – 5 Tips – Part 2

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Tip 1051 (Look for the profile shape of a subject): The subjects you use for your photos need to have a distinctive profile or outline that would make sense in the case of a silhouette. For example, you could have an intricate […]

Getting some great photographs of soccer games – Photo tips to improve your techniques (contd) ..

Tip 801 (Take lots of photos): Initially, after reviewing the photos I would take at occasions and events, I would be surprised and angry at how many of the photos would not come out well. Either the composition was wrong, or the photo was not sharp enough, or something similar. However, on speaking to other […]

Photo tips for shooting great family photos

Tip 461 (Try to make it fun): The first and foremost way to get good family photos is when it is fun for everyone. Now, this would seem natural, since people do like getting together for family photos, but, but (repeated for greater emphasis), when you get people having to pose for long times in […]

5 Photo Tips for shooting photos in the sun

Tip 306 (Look for reflected light): One of the problems with harsh sunlight is that the side facing light gets a sharp glare, while a face or profile in shadow is far more reduced. You can either set up reflectors, or look for a place such as a parking lot or in front of buildings, […]

5 photo tips for taking photos in the sun

Tip 301 (Underexpose your photos): If you get too much light in your photo, then you lose detail. It is always slightly better to have a slightly under-exposed photo rather than a over-exposed photo; since you can recover from a slightly under-exposed photo; if you lose detail in a photo, then you cannot recover those […]