February 2018
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Shooting photos of the fish and other creatures inside an aquarium – some tips and techniques

Tip 681 (Have patience, wait for the fish to reach where you want): If you are looking for a shot of a specific scene inside a aquarium, say where the fish swims through a small tunnel, then set your camera to be ready to take a shot and wait. It is hard for you to […]

Improving your photo skills – some general tips to follow to improve your technique in the area of light

Tip 676 (Learn to understand the light): Getting a better understanding of light is critical to improving your photography skills. Read about how to manipulate light, learn the trick of uniform lighting and when to use shadows, and try to picture the final scene, and you should be able to get some good shots.


Improving your photo skills – some general tips to follow to improve your technique

Tip 671 (Keep upto date with software techniques): Part of improving your photo skills is about seeing improvements in your post-processing abilities. There are a lot of improvements you can do by reviewing the hundreds of techniques available for improving your photos using tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom. Set a target of reading up […]

Tips for photographing wild animals in their context, in their settings

Tip 666 (Get the animals in their own settings): When you shoot wild animals in their natural settings, just don’t go for capturing their emotions. Catch them such that what you shoot reflects both the animal and the spirit of their surroundings.

Tip 667 (You need to feel for the environment): When you are shooting […]

Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique

Tip 631 (Start basic): If you start imagining yourself to start getting the best of photos in an environment such as underwater, think again. You need some amount of practice, so start small. Start practicing on objects that are not difficult to photograph, such as corals that are close to the water level (or on […]