January 2018
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How to take great photos of the moon – Part 3

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Tip 1091 (Framing the room with buildings and the like): You would have seen some great moon shots, with focusing on only the moon in the composition of the photo. However, if you see photos of the moon, people have taken some great shots […]

5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 841 (In camera sharpening): One of the biggest disappointments that people face after they take photos is when they realize that the photos have not come out as sharp as they would have liked, and need to take the photos into a software program for sharpening. However, a good check is to find out […]

5 photos tips as of 07 Feb 2009

Tip 136 (Flash and burst mode): Another problem with burst mode is regarding the flash. If you are shooting in broad daylight and do not need a flash, then you have no issue. However, if you are shooting in a light condition where you need a flash, most flashes will not be able to keep […]

5 photo tips as of January 25, 2009

Tip 116 (Image Noise): You must have heard of image noise if there was ever a talk about the quality of a photo, especially if the photo was taken in a low light condition. Image noise is also called digital grain, and are those ugly looking blemishes and warts (also called artifacts) that you see […]