January 2018
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Taking great photographs of a hockey game (contd..)

Tip 591 (Learn about shutter lag): In many cameras, there is a shutter lag between when you press the shutter button, and when the camera actually takes a photo. This can make all the difference between getting the photo when it is taken, so if you have a shutter lag in your camera, you will […]

Taking great photographs of a hockey game (contd..)

Tip 586 (White Balance setting): Given the types of light in the playing arena, you may want to setup the white balance to be different from the normal Auto White Balance. The lights can be of gas-vapor type, and in such situations, it is better to set the White Balance as fluorescent in order to […]

Taking great photographs of a hockey game

Tip 581 (Define a place from where to shoot early): In ice hockey games, there are several considerations with respect to a location. There is a thick glass around the playing area, and there are safety nets. You should identify a place where such considerations are minimized (such as reflections from the glass) and if […]

Taking great photographs of a basketball game (contd..)

Tip 576 (Adjust for lighting conditions): Lighting conditions in basketball games (especially since they are played without the bright light of the sun) can be much lower, and combined with the fact that you need to take fast action photos, it can be difficult to set the proper exposure. Even though there is a chance […]

Taking great photographs of a baseball game (contd..)

Tip 566 (Look for other opportunities): During the course of a game, there are many opportunities to taking some great photos besides the sportsmen on the field. Look out for opportunities among the crowd, look for children enjoying the game, look for the food and drinks being sold in the game, and shoot some great […]