December 2017
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5 tips to improve your photography skills and your photos (contd..)

In the previous post (5 tips to improve your photography skills and your photos), I am writing a set of general guidelines on how to improve your photos. Taking better photos does not only deal with knowing your equipment and its settings better, in fact, the best of photographers always claim better technique and temperament […]

Tips and techniques for taking photos in low light (contd) ..

Continued from previous tips on the subject of low light (link).

Tip 986 (Using burst mode): Typically in low light photography, when you don’t have a tripod or some other place to put the camera to get a stable photo, then you have to take a hand-held photo. The problem with hand-held photos is due […]

Tips for motion photography, learn about panning (contd..)

Tip 406 (What is panning): Panning is the art of trying to capture the motion of a moving object by moving your camera along with the subject, and if done well, leads to an effect where the subject of the photo remains in focus. The rest of the photo remains in blur, this leads to […]

Tips for motion photography

Tip 401 (Shutter speed adjustment): For shooting moving objects, there is normally a need to have a higher shutter speed in order to avoid blur in the shot. Having a shutter faster than 1/250 is the standard for this, but depending on the speed of moving objects, may need to have a faster shutter speed.