January 2018
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How to take great photos of children – Part 6 – 5 Tips

Taking photos of children can be a delight. These photos look great, and can provoke a great deal of emotion, for many years afterwards. However, taking such photos can sometimes be a challenge and tips on how to take better photos can be very valuable. If you feel that something is not covered in this […]

Landscape Photography Tips (contd..)

Tip 176 (Shutter Release): Not too many photographers are coversant with the idea of a shutter release. However, a good shutter release allows you to make sure that the physical pressure of clicking the shutter button does not wobble the camera (important when the lighting conditions are not bright, and your shutter speed is not […]

Composition and lighting tips

Tip 166 (Composition, lighting and focus): If there are 3 items that make a great photograph, then it is getting the right settings for composition, lighting and focus in a photo.

Tip 167 (Using manual controls vs. automatic): All cameras have automatic controls, and using automatic controls work pretty well in many cases; but it […]

Macro Photography shooting tips (contd..)

Tip 151 (Read about the minimum distance): When shooting macros without using a specialist macro lens, be sure to review the manual. Every camera has a minimum distance specified for macro mode shooting, and is typically unable to focus when the distance between the lens and object is shorter than that distance.

Tip 152 (Using […]

5 photo tips as of 13 October 2008

Tip 31 (RAW images): If you are fond of photography and take a lot of nature shots, consider taking photos in RAW. RAW images are the images as captured by the camera without the processing done by the camera to generate the JPEG. A lot of people prefer to work on the RAW image and […]