January 2018
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Tips for photographing wild animals in their context, in their settings

Tip 666 (Get the animals in their own settings): When you shoot wild animals in their natural settings, just don’t go for capturing their emotions. Catch them such that what you shoot reflects both the animal and the spirit of their surroundings.

Tip 667 (You need to feel for the environment): When you are shooting […]

Photo Tips for Wildlife Shooting (contd..)

Tip 246 (Don’t provoke the animals): When you are photographing an animal in its natural environment, it can get very boring, and the temptation is incredible to provoke or to do something similar to the animal so as to get some reaction, or some action. Don’t do it. No image, no matter how good, unique […]

Photo Tips for Wildlife Shooting (contd..)

Tip 241 (Enjoy what you are doing, there will be many other days): Once I had gone to the zoo, and got some beautiful shots of a tiger who wandered close to the edge of the enclosure. I showed these photos to another friend, who was trying to get such shots for the last month, […]

5 photo tips for photos of animals

Tip 81 (Patience while shooting animals): You need lots of patience while trying to take photographs of animals. This stands whether you need to take photos of domestic animals or of animals in the wild. To repeat, this requires great patience, perseverance and at the least, some understanding of animal behaviour. This helps you predict […]

5 Photo tips as of 19 September 2008

Tip 21 (Shooting distant objects): When taking a photo of a distant object such as far off mountains, make sure that there are no nearby objects coming in the field of view. With many auto-focus cameras, such nearby objects appearing in the field of view can cause the auto-focus to not work as efficiently as […]