January 2018
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5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 861 (Check for comfort levels when buying a slim camera): A lot of cameras are coming in super-slim modes, where the camera is like a thicker credit card. However, many users, after the initial excitement, find these cameras somewhat uncomfortable to use, since the camera can very slip from the grasp, and is not […]

5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 856 (Decide on the optimum amount of megapixels): For some years now, there has been a push to have newer cameras with a high number of megapixels, and these are seen as a selling point. However, if your are not looking for professional photography, then beyond a point, increasing the number of megapixels does […]

5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 851 (For starting up, buy a simpler camera): If you are not very interested in having to learn a lot of details about how the camera works and its various settings, then consider buying a camera with more scene modes and less controls.

Tip 852 (Size of buttons and ergonomics): The placement of the […]

Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques (contd..)

Tip 626 (What type of equipment to use for wedding photography): As far as possible, you should get some or all of the equipment detailed in this list to ensure that you are properly equipped for the event (and these are a pointer – if after experience, you find that you are fine with a […]