January 2018
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5 Photo tips for wedding photography (contd..)

Tip 881 (Wedding photos are becoming more candid): This generation is moving towards more openness in terms of their wedding photos; the days of having only traditional poses is changing; with this, photographers also need to evolve. Wedding photographers need to spend more time with couples, show them some new experimental poses, and be willing […]

5 Photo tips for wedding photography (contd..)

Tip 871 (Review and learn): The world of wedding photography is a very competitive landscape; you have to constantly keep on improving. Review your last shoot, if possible, also review amateur shots by family and friends of the couple, and see whether they managed to get something that you were not able to.

Tip […]

5 Photo tips for wedding photography

Tip 866 (Get comfortable with the family before the event): It is pretty important for anybody covering marriages to have a comfort level with the family before the wedding, given the need for the photographer to be present at all important occasions and to get really close while taking the photos.

Tip 867 (Explain the […]

Some advantages of using long lenses in portrait photography (contd..)

Tip 821 (Using a long lens can reduce the overall subject): One of the disadvantages of using the long lens for shooting people photos (as a part of group events such as weddings or parties), is that the long lens removes the people from the situation, in the sense that when you look at the […]

Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques (contd..)

Tip 626 (What type of equipment to use for wedding photography): As far as possible, you should get some or all of the equipment detailed in this list to ensure that you are properly equipped for the event (and these are a pointer – if after experience, you find that you are fine with a […]