December 2017
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How to take great photos of the moon – Part 5

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Tip 1101 (The moon is dimmer when it is lower in the horizon): This is a fact that you need to keep in mind. Shooting the moon means that you need to be aware of the dynamics of the […]

How to shoot great silhouettes – 5 Tips – Part 3

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Tip 1056 (Not everybody likes silhouettes): In a previous post, I had mentioned about how the focus of a silhouette is to keep it simple, it is the magic of the dark profile of subject(s) against a brighter background that […]

Taking some great Christmas photos – tips and techniques (Part 4)

In the past 3 posts in this series (Christmas photos tips and techniques), I have enumerating some tips and techniques that related to improving your photos of Christmas events. Here is the fourth post in the series:

Tip 1041 (Try and set up an unattended camera): People tend to become self-conscious or in a pose […]

Bokeh, what is it, and how to improve it – Part 3

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Tip 1001 (Using lights in the image): You must have seen images where there are lights in the background in a blurred form. The presence of these lights can make the image look very pleasing, although this depends on photo to photo. If […]

Tips and techniques for taking photos in low light (contd) ..

Continued from previous tips on the subject of low light (link).

Tip 986 (Using burst mode): Typically in low light photography, when you don’t have a tripod or some other place to put the camera to get a stable photo, then you have to take a hand-held photo. The problem with hand-held photos is due […]