January 2018
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Getting some great photographs of soccer games – Photo tips to improve your techniques (contd) ..

Tip 796 (No shutter lag): For capturing a fast paced game such as soccer, you need to either have a camera that negligible shutter lag (the time delay between when you click the button, and then the photo is actually taken); or if you have a camera that has some shutter lag, then you better […]

Tips for getting some great underwater photographs – learn the technique (contd..)

Tip 651 (Be careful about conservation): Coral reefs are something that are made in nature over a large period of time, and are suffering because of global warming. Further, many coral reefs over the world are protected, and while it is not illegal to roam around coral reefs, it can be illegal to tamper with […]

Tips for motion photography, learn about panning (contd..)

Tip 406 (What is panning): Panning is the art of trying to capture the motion of a moving object by moving your camera along with the subject, and if done well, leads to an effect where the subject of the photo remains in focus. The rest of the photo remains in blur, this leads to […]

5 photos tips as of 07 Feb 2009

Tip 136 (Flash and burst mode): Another problem with burst mode is regarding the flash. If you are shooting in broad daylight and do not need a flash, then you have no issue. However, if you are shooting in a light condition where you need a flash, most flashes will not be able to keep […]

5 Photo tips – dated September 07, 2008

Tip 6: Most of the newer range of cameras have an exposure correction meter. You should use this meter to ensure that you are checking the proper exposure levels for your photos, and have a balanced exposure. If the result does not come out right, delete and take another

Tip 7: Keep an eye on […]