January 2018
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5 Photo Tips – some tips about filters, explanations, different types (contd..)

Tip 926 (Grad filter: Fitting light as per dynamic range of the camera): The dynamic range of a clear day can be pretty large, while the camera is only able to capture a limited amount of this dynamic range. Because of this, there will be sections of the photo that are either over-exposed or under-exposed. […]

5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 856 (Decide on the optimum amount of megapixels): For some years now, there has been a push to have newer cameras with a high number of megapixels, and these are seen as a selling point. However, if your are not looking for professional photography, then beyond a point, increasing the number of megapixels does […]

5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 851 (For starting up, buy a simpler camera): If you are not very interested in having to learn a lot of details about how the camera works and its various settings, then consider buying a camera with more scene modes and less controls.

Tip 852 (Size of buttons and ergonomics): The placement of the […]

5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 846 (Look for the LCD screen): When buying a camera, need to ensure that the capabilities of the LCD screen are fully evaluated. A LCD screen that works properly even in bright sunlight is an important criteria for buying a camera.

Tip 847 (Does the LCD screen come out and rotate): This tip is […]

5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 841 (In camera sharpening): One of the biggest disappointments that people face after they take photos is when they realize that the photos have not come out as sharp as they would have liked, and need to take the photos into a software program for sharpening. However, a good check is to find out […]