February 2018
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Getting better at taking sunrise photos – 5 tips (contd..)

When you see some sunrise photos on the internet (or in a magazine, or some friend of your has taken), they can seem spectacular. The colors, the vibrance, all of these make for some great photos. Of course, I do not promise that you will be able to take similar kind of photos, but here […]

How to take great photos of the moon – Part 3

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Tip 1091 (Framing the room with buildings and the like): You would have seen some great moon shots, with focusing on only the moon in the composition of the photo. However, if you see photos of the moon, people have taken some great shots […]

How to shoot great silhouettes – 5 Tips – Part 7

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Tip 1076 (Shooting with higher ISO): When you are shooting in the daytime, the ambient lighting condition is fairly satisfactory in terms of having enough light to shoot at 100 ISO and not have to worry about noise in the photo. However, […]

How to make your photos more sharp, some tips (part 2) ..

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Tip 1011 (Using a fast shutter speed): One of the most important reasons for getting blurred photos is because the shutter speed is taken with the shutter being so slow that either the object moves or the camera shakes. What an ideal shutter speed should […]

Tips and techniques for taking photos in low light (contd) ..

Continuing from the previous sets of tips on this topic of how to photograph in low light conditions.

Tip 961 (Using higher ISO): One way to deal with bad or low light conditions is to actually bump up the ISO. In modern digital cameras, there is typically a setting to control the ISO (in more […]