January 2018
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How to take great photos of the moon – Part 4

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Tip 1096 (Learn how the timer on your camera works): A lot of people would not appreciate this comment, since they would ask about why does even need to explain how the timer works ? Well, a large number of […]

Taking some great Christmas photos – tips and techniques (Part 4)

In the past 3 posts in this series (Christmas photos tips and techniques), I have enumerating some tips and techniques that related to improving your photos of Christmas events. Here is the fourth post in the series:

Tip 1041 (Try and set up an unattended camera): People tend to become self-conscious or in a pose […]

How to make your photos more sharp, some tips (part 4) ..

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Tip 1021 (Using a prime lens): A prime lens is a very simple lens, without any zoom capability. However, these lenses are famous for helping photographers shoot razor sharp photos, and if you really do not need a lot of zoom capabilities, then a prime […]

How to make your photos more sharp, some tips (part 3) ..

Read the second part of this series (getting sharp photos):

Tip 1016 (Using burst mode): Using burst mode is another mode for people to try and get a higher chance of taking sharper photos. When you are in a situation where the photo you may be taking may not come out nicely (say if you […]

Tips and techniques for taking photos in low light (contd) ..

Continued from previous tips on the subject of low light (link).

Tip 981 (Using a diffuser for making the flash light less harsh): In indoor conditions, you may have to use a Flash for getting more light on your subjects. However, using the Flash (whether an external flash or the flash on the camera) can […]