January 2018
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5 tips to improve your photography skills – Taking abstract photos (contd) ..

In the previous post, we learned some details about abstract photography and the technique of moving the camera or the zoom lens while the shutter was open. In this post, we continue further in this world – the world of abstract photos. Abstract is the direct opposite of something that is clearly defined, and it […]

Taking great photographs of a hockey game

Tip 581 (Define a place from where to shoot early): In ice hockey games, there are several considerations with respect to a location. There is a thick glass around the playing area, and there are safety nets. You should identify a place where such considerations are minimized (such as reflections from the glass) and if […]

5 Photo Tips for 17th November 2008

Tip 86 (Avoiding shiny spots on the image): If you want to avoid the telltale shiny spots of reflection on your photos, you need to keep a lookout when posing your subjects. People should not be near shiny objects, glass, mirrors, etc. If not, then you already have seen photos where the light has reflected […]

5 Photo tips – dated September 07, 2008

Tip 6: Most of the newer range of cameras have an exposure correction meter. You should use this meter to ensure that you are checking the proper exposure levels for your photos, and have a balanced exposure. If the result does not come out right, delete and take another

Tip 7: Keep an eye on […]