February 2018
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How to take great photos of children – Part 4 – 5 Tips

Taking photos of children can be a delight. These photos look great, and can provoke a great deal of emotion, for many years afterwards. However, taking such photos can sometimes be a challenge and tips on how to take better photos can be very valuable. If you feel that something is not covered in this […]

How to shoot great silhouettes – 5 Tips – Part 3

Read the previous part of this series (How to Shoot Great Silhouettes – Part 2)

Tip 1056 (Not everybody likes silhouettes): In a previous post, I had mentioned about how the focus of a silhouette is to keep it simple, it is the magic of the dark profile of subject(s) against a brighter background that […]

Taking some great Christmas photos – tips and techniques (Part 3)

In the past 2 posts in this series (Christmas photos tips and techniques), I have enumerating some tips and techniques that related to improving your photos of Christmas events. Here is the third post in the series:

Tip 1036 (Take test shots of the location): If you have the ability to be in the location […]

Tips and techniques for taking photos in low light ..

Tip 956 (The obvious one, use the flash): When shooting in low light, and when the object is near, a flash is the most obvious solution to shooting in low light. The flash is able to highlight the object quickly enough so that the camera is able to capture the reflected light back and get […]

5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 841 (In camera sharpening): One of the biggest disappointments that people face after they take photos is when they realize that the photos have not come out as sharp as they would have liked, and need to take the photos into a software program for sharpening. However, a good check is to find out […]