January 2018
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How to take great photos of children – Part 3 – 5 Tips

Taking photos of children can be a delight. These photos look great, and can provoke a great deal of emotion, for many years afterwards. However, taking such photos can sometimes be a challenge and tips on how to take better photos can be very valuable. If you feel that something is not covered in this […]

Taking some great Christmas photos – tips and techniques (Part 3)

In the past 2 posts in this series (Christmas photos tips and techniques), I have enumerating some tips and techniques that related to improving your photos of Christmas events. Here is the third post in the series:

Tip 1036 (Take test shots of the location): If you have the ability to be in the location […]

Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques (contd..)

Tip 626 (What type of equipment to use for wedding photography): As far as possible, you should get some or all of the equipment detailed in this list to ensure that you are properly equipped for the event (and these are a pointer – if after experience, you find that you are fine with a […]

Tips for taking Great Wedding Photographs – Learn how to optimize your techniques (contd..)

Tip 616 (Turn off the sounds): There is nothing more un-interesting in a photo shoot than the amount of noise that your cameras can generate. Try to ensure that you have turned off the click sounds in your camera, as well as get equipment that makes a lower amount of noise. This noise can be […]

Photo tips for shooting great family photos (contd) ..

Tip 496 (Use props to get height constraints even): This applies more when you are taking fun photos. Suppose you are shooting photos of people on a vacation, and there are adults and children. Get the children to clamber onto rocks, ladders, or onto the shoulders of adults in order to get the right height […]