January 2018
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Getting better at taking sunrise photos – 5 tips (contd..)

When you see some sunrise photos on the internet (or in a magazine, or some friend of your has taken), they can seem spectacular. The colors, the vibrance, all of these make for some great photos. Of course, I do not promise that you will be able to take similar kind of photos, but here […]

How to take great photos of children – Part 6 – 5 Tips

Taking photos of children can be a delight. These photos look great, and can provoke a great deal of emotion, for many years afterwards. However, taking such photos can sometimes be a challenge and tips on how to take better photos can be very valuable. If you feel that something is not covered in this […]

How to shoot great silhouettes – 5 Tips – Part 6

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Tip 1071 (Using different colors for background): I used to consider the yellow orange color of sunrise or sunset as the ideal one to shoot silhouettes. And some of these lead to really great silhouettes. And then I saw some beautiful silhouettes […]

How to make your photos more sharp, some tips (part 3) ..

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Tip 1016 (Using burst mode): Using burst mode is another mode for people to try and get a higher chance of taking sharper photos. When you are in a situation where the photo you may be taking may not come out nicely (say if you […]

How to make your photos more sharp, some tips (part 2) ..

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Tip 1011 (Using a fast shutter speed): One of the most important reasons for getting blurred photos is because the shutter speed is taken with the shutter being so slow that either the object moves or the camera shakes. What an ideal shutter speed should […]