January 2018
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How to make your photos more sharp, some tips (part 3) ..

Read the second part of this series (getting sharp photos):

Tip 1016 (Using burst mode): Using burst mode is another mode for people to try and get a higher chance of taking sharper photos. When you are in a situation where the photo you may be taking may not come out nicely (say if you […]

Tips and techniques for taking photos in low light (contd) ..

Continued from previous tips on the subject of low light (link).

Tip 986 (Using burst mode): Typically in low light photography, when you don’t have a tripod or some other place to put the camera to get a stable photo, then you have to take a hand-held photo. The problem with hand-held photos is due […]

Getting some great photographs of soccer games – Photo tips to improve your techniques (contd) ..

Tip 806 (Getting rid of the clutter through zoom): For shooting the action in soccer games, be prepared to zoom most of the time; this helps in getting rid of a lot of side items in the photo that you really never need. During a fast action play, it may make sense to keep the […]

Taking great photographs of a hockey game

Tip 581 (Define a place from where to shoot early): In ice hockey games, there are several considerations with respect to a location. There is a thick glass around the playing area, and there are safety nets. You should identify a place where such considerations are minimized (such as reflections from the glass) and if […]

Taking great photographs of a basketball game (contd..)

Tip 576 (Adjust for lighting conditions): Lighting conditions in basketball games (especially since they are played without the bright light of the sun) can be much lower, and combined with the fact that you need to take fast action photos, it can be difficult to set the proper exposure. Even though there is a chance […]