February 2018
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5 tips to improve your photography skills and your photos (contd..)

In the previous post (5 tips to improve your photography skills and your photos), I am writing a set of general guidelines on how to improve your photos. Taking better photos does not only deal with knowing your equipment and its settings better, in fact, the best of photographers always claim better technique and temperament […]

Taking some great Christmas photos – tips and techniques (Part 4)

In the past 3 posts in this series (Christmas photos tips and techniques), I have enumerating some tips and techniques that related to improving your photos of Christmas events. Here is the fourth post in the series:

Tip 1041 (Try and set up an unattended camera): People tend to become self-conscious or in a pose […]

Tips and techniques for taking photos in low light (contd) ..

Continued from previous tips on the subject of low light (link).

Tip 986 (Using burst mode): Typically in low light photography, when you don’t have a tripod or some other place to put the camera to get a stable photo, then you have to take a hand-held photo. The problem with hand-held photos is due […]

Tips and techniques for photographing star trails (contd) ..

Tip 951 (Heating up of the sensor): A digital camera is not the same thing as a film camera. When you had a film camera, and you opened the shutter for long exposures, all the camera did was to expose the chemicals on the film to light, and did nothing else. However, in the case […]

Tips and techniques for photographing star trails (contd) ..

Tip 946 (Check the weather): This is critical. If you are going to have rain, clouds, or even fog, there goes the chance of being able to see star trails. Be very careful, and remember these conditions can also be very harmful for your camera.

Tip 947 (Time lapse movie): You might have seen some […]