February 2013
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How to take great photos of children – Part 1 – 5 Tips

Taking photos of children can be a delight. These photos look great, and can provoke a great deal of emotion, for many years afterwards. However, taking such photos can sometimes be a challenge and tips on how to take better photos can be very valuable. If you feel that something is not covered in this series, then please do mention these in the comments.

Tip 1111 (Children tend to look cute, especially when they are doing something): Unlike shooting adults where you need to stage the photos, move the people into a proper position for taking photos and trying your best to ensure that people come out looking well, shooting photos of children (especially those under the age of 5-6 years) in a way that they look nice is fairly easy. Except for certain times when children are grumpy or sometimes when they are sleeping, photos of children typically come out much cuter and better. This is a huge advantage when shooting photos of children (and have you ever heard an adult ever criticize a photo in which a child is there ?).

Tip 1112 (Kids can be easily distracted): If you have been shooting adults, you would not be able to easily understand the difference when it comes to shooting children. Adults will pose for as long as you want them to (of course, withing reasonable limits), they will turn and pose in whatever way you want them to; but when it comes to children, this is certainly not true. If you expect kids to make elaborate poses, or to hold them for long periods of time (or if there are multiple children, if you expect all of them to behave in a similar way), then it will certainly not happen and can be very frustrating. You need to be prepared for this, and set poses which you believe are realistic.

Tip 1113 (Look to the oldest child for support): Children typically tend to follow the advice of an older child more easily than that of an adult, and in case you are not known to the children, it can be more difficult to get them to follow you. In some cases, you will find children who are old enough to understand what you want. Also, it gives the older child a good feeling if they feel that you are trusting them to help you, and it increases the chance of getting the cooperation of other children whom you want in the photo.

Tip 1114 (Spend some time with the children and get them more comfortable with you): When you desire to take some good photos of children, it really helps if you spend time with the children, play with them, speak to them. This helps you in developing some amount of bonding with the children, which will help you in getting better photos, photos where the children look more active and happy.

Tip 1115 (Capture candid photos of the children): Taking candid photos of children sometimes is the best possible approach. if you are on the lookout for candid, real moments, many of those photos come out pretty well (remember, this is true for children; for adults, such candid photos may not come out as well). Since children do not really do posing, such candid photos capturing their actual emotions and physical movements come out nicely.

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