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How to make your photos more sharp, some tips (part 3) ..

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Tip 1016 (Using burst mode): Using burst mode is another mode for people to try and get a higher chance of taking sharper photos. When you are in a situation where the photo you may be taking may not come out nicely (say if you are shooting some action shots or some other movement), then photographing in burst mode increases the chance that one of these photos comes out sharp. Of course this means that you have more photos to review and store, but that increased effort is required.

Tip 1017 (Using Image stabilization): If your camera lens or point and shoot camera offers an Image Stabilization option, then it is good to utilize that option. Using image stabilization helps in cases where there is movement, and increases the possibility of getting sharper photos.

Tip 1018 (Using manual focus): Digital SLR’s offer the option of shooting in manual mode. A number of photographers whom I know prefer the control that a manual focus gives them. I myself use automatic focus when the subjects stand out well, and there is adequate light, but when the light levels decrease or it seems difficult to use automatic focus, I switch to manual focus and use that to get a sharper photo.

Tip 1019 (Cleaning your lens): This one seems like such an obvious tip, but is something that a lot of us are guilty of. When you are shooting, you see blobs in your photos, or somehow the sharpness seems to be missing. In a number of cases, that is because we are guilty of having unclean lens, ones which have fingerprints on them, or some amount of dirt / oil. Make sure that your lens is being cleaned regularly, and use a proper clearing instrument for this purpose. For example, Carson Stuff-It Microfiber Lens Cloth, Black

Tip 1020 (Quality of filters): As they say, anything that stands in the way of the light has an impact on the quality of filters. So, if you have a nice camera and nice lenses, and then put a poor quality filter on top, it has an impact on the light hitting the sensor, and in turn impacts the sharpness of the photos that are generated. If you are spending the money for some good quality lenses, then spend a bit more and get some good filters.

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