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Bokeh, what is it, and how to improve it – Part 3

Read the second part of the series on bokeh and photography here:

Tip 1001 (Using lights in the image): You must have seen images where there are lights in the background in a blurred form. The presence of these lights can make the image look very pleasing, although this depends on photo to photo. If you have the option to control the appearance of lights in the background (either by adjusting the depth of field, or by controlling the placing or brightness of the light), the photo can look pretty good.

Tip 1002 (Using bright lights in the background): The brightness of lights in the background make a difference to the bokeh effect in the field of view. Bokeh is much more visible when you are using bright light, so when you have a number of bright sources of light in the composition, the effect of bokeh is much more noticeable. However, it is difficult to say whether the effect will be good or bad; it is based on trial and error when taking the photo.

Tip 1003 (Using software to modify the bokeh): Even though people review the bokeh in their photos, creating the proper bokeh effect is also possible through the use of software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements. There are a number of plugins available such as Alien Skin’s Bokeh 2 which extends the power of these software in the area of Bokeh creation.

Tip 1004 (Prime lens and bokeh): A prime lens is a great way to get some good bokeh. The large aperture provides some very short depth of field, and the lens itself provides some high quality pictures.

Tip 1005 (Night time photography and bokeh): You will typically notice that the presence of bright lights in the photo can make a lot of difference to the perceived effect of bokeh in a photo. Such lights are much more noticeable when the photo is being taken in the night time, especially with the contrast between the darkness and the lights.

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