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Tips and techniques for photographing star trails (contd) ..

Tip 946 (Check the weather): This is critical. If you are going to have rain, clouds, or even fog, there goes the chance of being able to see star trails. Be very careful, and remember these conditions can also be very harmful for your camera.

Tip 947 (Time lapse movie): You might have seen some of these time lapse movies. The idea is to take a number of photographs, in the same position of the camera, and then compose them into the form of a video using a number of software that can take images and string them into a movie. The movie can show the movement of the star trails, and when you have got the image, the light and the background right, can look to be an absolutely fascinating movie.

Tip 948 (Ignore the light meter of the camera): You might be habituated to using the light meter on the camera for measuring exposure. But for such photos, the light meter is no good, it cannot do any calculation that involves many minutes of capturing light through an open shutter. A lot of the exposure calculation depends on the ambient conditions, and on experimentation.

Tip 949 (Expanding the battery for such conditions): The sensors in digital cameras can consumer a fair amount of power, so it is important that you know the battery availability in your camera vs. the amount of time the shutter will remain open. If you have a power adaptor and way to keep a regular supply of power, you should go for it.

Tip 950 (Make dotted star trails): If you want to make your star trails more interesting, experiment with how the star trails are being captured. One easy thing you can do is to take a black cardboard and hold it in front of the lens for 30 sec to 1 minute. This will create star trails where there are gaps between the trails, and this can look more interesting.

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