April 2011
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5 Photo tips for wedding photography (contd..)

Tip 881 (Wedding photos are becoming more candid): This generation is moving towards more openness in terms of their wedding photos; the days of having only traditional poses is changing; with this, photographers also need to evolve. Wedding photographers need to spend more time with couples, show them some new experimental poses, and be willing to shoot such photos. This makes couples more excited about such shots, which in turn helps grow the business.

Tip 882 (Ensure that your needs as a wedding photographer are also met): For cases where the marriages are finely timed intervals, there is not too much time to get those individual photos of the bride and groom, or of them as a couple. In many cases, social customs prevent the couple from seeing each other before the actual marriage has happened (so you would be able to get the couple photos only after the actual wedding ceremony); thus, ensure that you define the time intervals when you want to shoot these photos and work with the marriage organizers and family members to get these in place.

Tip 883 (Look for new formats to package the end result): I was recently at a marriage event where the marriage photos was packaged in a smart looking album; however, very recently the couple had sen a marriage where the photos were arranged in different formats such as a slickly polished DVD, a web site, a series of photos uploaded to Facebook; as a result, they were very dissatisfied with the performance of their marriage photographer.

Tip 884 (Being rude to clients): We had a recent occasion where a much in demand wedding photographer was contracted to cover a marriage. There was some reports that the photographer was somewhat insistent on his own process, but the results were pretty great. For the marriage, there were some important personalities invited, with their own egos; and during the ceremonies, there was a clash between the photographer and the these personalities. This ended up ruining the whole occasion, and the photographer also lost a fair amount of reputation.

Tip 885 (Dragging the wedding occasion for taking more photos): This is something that we have been seeing recently; there are many photos that are needed to be taken during the various wedding ceremonies. However, in their quest to get far better photos, the photographer now seems to take a lock on the time of the groom and the bride for substantial chunks of the wedding, making them do all kinds of poses, even getting them to repeat some of the steps they have already taken. This can be very annoying, and also tiring for the couple, and lead to push back against the wedding photographer.

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