April 2011
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5 Photo tips for improvements in your photography ..

Tip 876 (What are DHG Filters): The full form of DHG filters is, Digital High Grade. These filters apply a special coating on the filters to reduce the chance of flare/ghosting that appear on conventional filters due to bouncing light rays. DGH filters also avoid vignetting with wide-angle lenses by using a very thin flame.

Tip 877 (Using converters and problems with auto-focusing): When the aperture starts increasing, and goes beyond f/5.6, lenses start experiencing issues with auto-focusing; and of course when light conditions are not so good, things get far worse. When using tele-converters, this problem will increase; there are benefits when using tele-converters, but there are certain problems as well.

Tip 878 (Using VR lens with a tripod): VR lenses refers to vibration reduction technologies used by Nikon. They allow you to have three-to-four stop advantages when dealing with camera movement. However, there are some problems in the use of VR. When you are using a tripod, the VR should be turned off; otherwise vibrations can be increased.

Tip 879 (Using filters with your lens, reduction in sharpening and increase in protection): Many people use filters on their lenses as a form of protection for the lens. The use of a filter can result in a slight negative effect on the sharpness of the image, but if you have ever had a cracked lens or a scratch on the lens element, you will realize the value of using a filter. It is professionals who have to really worry about the problems caused by reduction in sharpness.

Tip 880 (Using RAW capture when shooting): For most people, even if they have a camera that can shoot RAW, there is no specific need of shooting in RAW. Shooting in RAW allows you much more control in terms of adjusting lighting and contrast without losing any quality of the image, but it has additional costs. The RAW needs to be processed, the file sizes are much higher, and there are additional steps involved when you need to share. There is a trade-off that needs to be determined.

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