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5 Photo Tips – some tips about filters, explanations, different types (contd..)

Tip 911 (Using a filter makes for easier cleaning): Using a lens filter (UV) for protection allows you to the ease of just having to clean the lens filter without having to worry about damaging the coating of the lens through regular cleaning. This is an expense saving detail.

Tip 912 (Need to ensure that the filter is of high quality): Just using any lens filter for protection is not so rosy. If you go in for a cheap filter, be sure that you have read and understood the quality of the filter, else you will find that the filter is causing a reduction in the quality of your photos. Read up on reviews, speak to people who have used such filters, and so on.

Tip 913 (Lens hood and filters): When a filter is used on a lens, and you are also used to using a lens hood on top of the lens, you may find that these 2 items don’t play well together. In some cases, the filters may not even allow a lens hood to be attached on top of the filter, or may cause some increased loss in quality of the images.

Tip 914 (UV Filters can cut off light in the violet end of the spectrum): Some stronger UV filters do have an effect on light in the visible end of the spectrum, affecting light in the violet end of the spectrum; such filters are also used for cutting haze in an image.

Tip 915 (What are ND filters): ND filters stand for Neutral Density Filters, which are filters that reduce the amount of light entering the lens, thus allowing for more control of the aperture and shutter speed. One of the classic uses for ND filters is in the case where you want to take a photo of water flowing. To get the silky feel of water flowing, you need to take an exposure of several seconds. However, in the daytime, such exposure is impossible because the amount of exposure would produce a blown-up image. You end us using a ND filter, that reduces the light entering the lens, and allows you to set an exposure of several second, leading to the desired effect.

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