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5 Photo Tips – some insights into using RAW files for your photography (contd..)

Tip 901 (RAW files lead to an increase in download times): When you are dealing with RAW files, you have to be ready that the download process for getting these files onto the computer is going to take more time, since the RAW files are larger, need more time to process, and then JPEG’s need to be generated.

Tip 902 (RAW and sports photographers): When you are shooting RAW, and at the same time, wanting to shoot fast action photography such as wildlife photography or sports, then shooting RAW means that you would need a higher quality cameras. A camera that can shoot in burst mode, or where you need to shoot at a higher number of frames per second needs to be of higher capability.

Tip 903 (Need a better computer to handle RAW formats): When you use RAW formats, and do processing of these photos on your computer, you will find that it takes more processing power of the computer to handle these photos and do any kind of editing of your photos. Doing a number of such RAW image editing operations can seriously tax your computer.

Tip 904 (More cameras are now shooting RAW): Nowadays, you will find that even some of the more advanced point and shoot cameras can capture RAW, so you really don’t need to buy a more advanced DSLR to capture RAW. Evaluate what is the cost difference in getting an entry level camera that shoots RAW.

Tip 905 (Time spent in simply reviewing RAW photos): This may seem like a small issue, but has caused me considerable problems. I am normally the chosen photographer when friends or family go for a vacation, and in the past, when I used to shoot JPEG, showing people the photos on the computer instantly after downloading was a breeze. However, now that I shoot RAW, showing the photos in RAW takes much more time per photo, and leads to some amount of irritation on behalf of the people who expect a fast preview of these photos.

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