March 2011
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5 Photo tips for wedding photography (contd..)

Tip 871 (Review and learn): The world of wedding photography is a very competitive landscape; you have to constantly keep on improving. Review your last shoot, if possible, also review amateur shots by family and friends of the couple, and see whether they managed to get something that you were not able to.

Tip 872 (Spend time in post production): Shooting photos is a considerable part of the work, but using tools to liven up the photos (adding effects, changing complexion or modifying the lighting) can make an incredible difference to the photos. Experiment with using tools, even if they do mean some more time is needed.

Tip 873 (Experiment with Black and White): Weddings are all about color, but there can be specific cases where Black and White can come out very well. So, when you get only the couple, Black and White can look real good and give a great feel.

Tip 874 (Be enthusiastic about your art): There is a special pleasure that comes in taking photos of occasions such as weddings; there is an incredible amount of love and participation in such events, and if you enjoy these, your photos can come out much better.

Tip 875 (Capture traditions): Weddings capture the many traditions that happen in families; if you are able to capture these traditions through your photos, you can be sure that these photos will be viewed over many years (and these in turn add to your reputation, hopefully increasing your business).

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