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5 Photo tips for wedding photography

Tip 866 (Get comfortable with the family before the event): It is pretty important for anybody covering marriages to have a comfort level with the family before the wedding, given the need for the photographer to be present at all important occasions and to get really close while taking the photos.

Tip 867 (Explain the needs of a photographer before the event): Typically, during a wedding, it can be an issue for the photographer to get in close during the actual event, since many relatives and friends also want to get close during the actual wedding (and this can vary depending on the types of functions, which in turn is based on the culture). The photographer will need to explain what his needs are, before the marriage.

Tip 868 (Make it look different): For a married couple, it is pretty important to have some great images of one of the most important days of your life. The couple will really appreciate if you give them some great photos, with some unique angles that serve to make some great photos.

Tip 869 (Learn details of the various events): It is important that you know about the details of the various events that happen during a marriage, since you only get a chance to shoot an event once, and would need to know when and where something is likely to happen.

Tip 870 (Learn to keep a smile on your face): During the course of the various events, you will come across many different situations that can tax your patience. People can frown at you or speak rudely at you, your attempts at seeking the right position to take photos can be thwarted, people can cause damage to your equipment; in all these cases, your primary responsibility is to take the photos and get cooperation from people around you.

Book: The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

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