November 2010
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5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 861 (Check for comfort levels when buying a slim camera): A lot of cameras are coming in super-slim modes, where the camera is like a thicker credit card. However, many users, after the initial excitement, find these cameras somewhat uncomfortable to use, since the camera can very slip from the grasp, and is not very easy to use with one hand.

Tip 862 (Talk to your friends and colleagues): One of the best ways to figure out which camera is good to buy is to check with your extended list of friends and colleagues (including with your friends such as Facebook); they are able to give a good user feedback on which camera will work best with you.

Tip 863 (Determine the zoom levels you will need): One of the biggest criteria in buying a point and shoot camera is the kind of zoom you get. If you are looking for photos of friends and occasions, then a high amount of zoom is not a major criteria in your buying decision, while if you are looking for shooting landscapes and other places where you need a zoom, then make sure that you factor in the amount of zoom in the camera.

Tip 864 (Color of camera and style): The importance of this factor is determined hugely by the type of person who is making the buying decision; it is typically found that ladies like cameras that are more stylish and colored (and many cameras do not offer various color options).

Tip 865 (Review your current collection of lenses): If you already have some digital lenses (from an earlier camera), then it would make economic sense to buy a camera that can use these lenses (which restricts the number of cameras that will be in your decision set).

Book: The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

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