October 2010
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5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 831 (Look for cameras that shoot video): Nowadays most point and shoot cameras allow shooting of video, but SLR’s are still catching up in this area. Evaluate your need for shooting video, and then decide whether you need to have a camera that shoots video.

Tip 832 (Whether the video can shoot HD video): If you have identified a need for shooting video, the next item is whether the camera supports shooting HD video, and the frames per second in the video. Different cameras shoot at different frames per second such as 20 fps, 26 fps, 30 fps, etc. Evaluate the camera on this aspect as well.

Tip 833 (Need for a higher frame per second): When you are shooting a normal video of family, or some landscape, etc, then a lower fps is fine. But when shooting some action or movement sequence, the lower frame per second may impact the ability to get a smooth video.

Tip 834 (Look at the placement of buttons): One of the biggest problem with having a complex camera is the number of buttons and the combination. When shooting, some of the most important buttons are those that control the zoom, those that control the scenes, and those that govern changing of exposure / shutter speed.

Tip 835 (Look for your needs in terms of professional / consumer / semi-professional): There are a huge number of reviews of cameras available online, but being able to finalize based on these reviews is difficult unless you have already got an idea of the type of need for which you are looking for a camera ? Are you looking for a camera for shooting events on a casual basis, or are interested in the quality of your images but don’t plan to get into photography as a career, or you may be a professional, depending on the camera for earning you money. The cameras available in the market vary as per these needs, so you need to be clear before you proceed.

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