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5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 851 (For starting up, buy a simpler camera): If you are not very interested in having to learn a lot of details about how the camera works and its various settings, then consider buying a camera with more scene modes and less controls.

Tip 852 (Size of buttons and ergonomics): The placement of the various buttons on a camera makes a lot of difference in terms of usability. Get some idea of the feel of the buttons of the camera, especially with regard to being able to use these buttons during shooting a photo before you buy the camera.

Tip 853 (Image stabilization): Image stabilization means that the camera does its bit in trying to overcome situations where the image can appear shaken or blurred, typically in cases where the subject is moving. If you are going to take images where there is going to be situations where you need image stabilization, make sure that you buy a camera that has good reviews related to image stabilization.

Tip 854 (Look for offers, but don’t let them decide things for you): Many a times, you would find a camera being offered with a default lens, or there may be offers with regard to free cases, or free cards, and so on. While you should always look for bargains, don’t let such offers really influence your decision to a high level.

Tip 855 (Look for camera that work with existing equipment): If you already have a camera and are looking to upgrade, look for a new camera where it is possible to utilize such equipment. This could mean buying cameras that can use existing lenses, or camera cards, or battery packs, and so on.

Book: The Digital Photography Book

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