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5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 846 (Look for the LCD screen): When buying a camera, need to ensure that the capabilities of the LCD screen are fully evaluated. A LCD screen that works properly even in bright sunlight is an important criteria for buying a camera.

Tip 847 (Does the LCD screen come out and rotate): This tip is more for advanced cameras. In many of such cameras, the LCD screen can pop out of its casing and twist in various directions. This is very useful when the camera needs to be pointed in odd directions, such as holding the camera overhead to capture a scene over a crowd. In such a case, if the LCD can be popped out and twisted, you can still see easily the photo that the camera will capture.

Tip 848 (Camera giving options to adjust different parameters): Nowadays, more modern cameras allow you to do an on-screen quick adjustment of the parameters that control such options as image brightness, vividness, depth of field, and so on. If you have an option of cameras and some cameras come with these options, then these can help you when you need to take some quick photos.

Tip 849 (Number of AF (Auto Focus) points): More advanced DSLR’s come with the option of having more AF points defined. These can help you when you are trying to take a photo where the composition has many subjects, and you need to evaluate the importance of this feature.

Tip 850 (Look for the sturdiness of the body): If you liable to be using your camera in a location where the camera needs to be sturdy, then it is worth the effort and extra cost to buy a camera that has a good solid body.

Book: The Digital Photography Book

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