October 2010
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5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 841 (In camera sharpening): One of the biggest disappointments that people face after they take photos is when they realize that the photos have not come out as sharp as they would have liked, and need to take the photos into a software program for sharpening. However, a good check is to find out the amount of sharpening that happens in a camera, this reduces the amount of time spent later on the computer in post-processing.

Tip 842 (Check for noise control in the camera): Noise is typically not a problem in good lighting conditions. However, when light conditions are low, then there would be a need for using a higher value of ISO. This higher level of ISO however can result in more noise, so there should be a check of the amount of noise being added to the photos at higher levels of ISO, and how important this is for you in terms of purchasing a camera.

Tip 843 (When upgrading, consider whether you are getting measurable benefit): This point is based on the experience of my friend; he was looking for a new camera and when asked what was wrong with his current camera, the decision to upgrade was more because he felt that the camera he had was not a modern camera and he wanted to get a latest camera (although there was nothing wrong with his current camera and it was meeting all his photography requirements). You need to keep in mind the same point if you are looking for an upgrade of your current camera.

Tip 844 (Look for flash modes): Cameras can offer many modes for the flash, such as Auto / Manual / RedEye / Curtain, etc; you need to evaluate as to which all options are being offered by the camera and whether your purchasing decision would be influenced by such parameters.

Tip 845 (Look for the type of storage): The most standard types of storage media are CF and SD cards; however, some cameras use different storage modes such as Memory Sticks (Sony cameras) and others. The availability of CF and SD cards are the most common, and are easily available (and can be a good option when you need to buy additional storage (items such as memory sticks are not available so easily as the SD and CF cards).

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