October 2010
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5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera (contd..)

Tip 836 (Look for the performance of the auto-focus): For most people indulging in photography, an auto-focus is one of the most commonly used functionality (it is most professional and semi-pros who use manual focus); and for point and shoot, auto-focus would be almost 100% of the usage. In such cases, it is important to find out about how well the auto-focus works in different light conditions, especially when the light levels are low. If reviews indicate that the camera works well in such situations, ten that is a plus.

Tip 837 (Ability to do manual focusing): In light of the above point, there is a need sometimes to do manual focus even when using auto-focus most of the time. One recent instance was where I saw a spider web which glistened under the light conditions, and wanted to capture a photo. The auto-focus just was not able to capture it, and I resorted to manual focus to capture the photo.

Tip 838 (Look for the White Balance abilities of the camera): In normal sunlight (good light, not too harsh), the ability to handle a range of lighting conditions is not so critical. However, when the light conditions are varied, the White Balance abilities of the camera can make a difference between a good photo and a normal photo.

Tip 839 (Look for light metering): The light metering showcases the ability of the camera to handle different light conditions, and makes the difference between the photo being underexposed or overexposed. Need to ensure that the camera is being able to handle such light conditions in order to deliver photos having just the right lighting.

Tip 840 (Check out whether the camera shows a Histogram): For people who desire a more enhanced level of control of their photos, the ability to view a Histogram is critical, since it depicts the tonal values of light conditions for the photo, and lets you determine whether the photo was over-exposed or under-exposed.

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