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Some advantages of using long lenses in portrait photography (contd..)

Tip 821 (Using a long lens can reduce the overall subject): One of the disadvantages of using the long lens for shooting people photos (as a part of group events such as weddings or parties), is that the long lens removes the people from the situation, in the sense that when you look at the photo later, you see some people, but there is absolutely nothing about the occasion in the photo.

Tip 822 (Lens get costlier as the lens gets longer): When you are buying a telephoto lens for shooting people, you need to be careful about what your budget is. Without getting too technical, as the lens starts getting longer, ensuring that you have the same quality (and with your lens remaining fast), the cost increases pretty fast.

Tip 823 (Using a long lens when the background is beyond your control): When you have no control over the background of the photo, and would prefer that the background not serve as a distraction in your photos, then you need to use a long fast lend.

Tip 824 (Good bokeh with long lens): When you use a long lens, you get much better bokeh (Wikipedia) in your photos, which is a pretty good factor for using a long lens for portraits.

Tip 825 (Using a long lens gives much more flexibility): Unless you are dedicated to taking photos of some selective people such as the bride and groom at weddings, you would want to be able to take photos of different people and events at different intervals. Using a lens such such as 70-300 or 80-200 gives you great flexibility.

Book: Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera

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