September 2010
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5 Photo Tips for buying a better camera

Tip 826 (Look for cameras with high ISO): Nowadays, even point and shoot cameras are coming with a large ISO range. When you are buying a new camera, one variable that could help in making your decision is looking for a high ISO range. A high ISO range increased your ability to shoot in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

Tip 827 (Check for RAW with a higher bit range): Get cameras with a higher RAW bit range. If you get a camera with a 14 bit RAW range, it gives you the ability to catch more data.

Tip 828 (Look for a LCD with more resolution): Nowadays every camera comes with a LCD; and one of the criteria is the resolution of the LCD that is available. Look for cameras that have LCD’s with higher resolution.

Tip 829 (What does a higher resolution LCD screen do): A higher resolution LCD screen allows you to look at the images you have shot to examine it in more precisely; this allows you to determine whether there are mistakes in the composition, focusing, or unwanted objects in the photo.

Tip 830 (Look for frames per second): When looking to buy a camera, look for a camera that can shoot higher frames per second; which gives you the ability to shoot faster.

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