August 2010
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Getting some great photographs of soccer games – Photo tips to improve your techniques (contd) ..

Tip 811 (Look for the more colorful players): If you have been following the league or teams which you are trying to shoot, you would know which are the more flashy players; it makes sense to concentrate more of your time on those players, since photos you shoot of those players would be more sought after.

Tip 812 (Manual focus can work better than automatic focus): For fast moving games such as soccer, the Auto Focus mechanism in the camera find it hard to move quickly enough to focus on the actual player or the ball (especially with everything else that is there in the frame of the camera). It takes a lot of careful aiming to ensure that the AF mechanism works fine, instead of giving you blurred photos.

Tip 813 (Look for faces in your photos): Photos of sports events tend to be more popular and sought after when the photo includes the faces of the players. Try and ensure that unless you are catching something important in the nature of some great foot activity along with the ball, you are more focusing on getting the faces and emotions of the players.

Tip 814 (Don’t be frustrated by the irregular action): When you shoot basketball, or baseball, the place where the action happens is either very small, or the action happens on the bases; however, in soccer, the action can happen in any area of the field, and that makes it more difficult to track the action. One needs to be tracking the overall field for catching the action when it happens.

Tip 815 (Move around as much as desired): You may have a good zoom, and are able to cover the action where needed. This may lead you to believe that you don’t need to really move around too much; however, when shooting soccer games, moving around the stadium as much as possible would lead you to get shots much better.

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