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Getting some great photographs of soccer games – Photo tips to improve your techniques (contd) ..

Tip 796 (No shutter lag): For capturing a fast paced game such as soccer, you need to either have a camera that negligible shutter lag (the time delay between when you click the button, and then the photo is actually taken); or if you have a camera that has some shutter lag, then you better have learned the actual time lag, and practiced how to overcome by clicking the button a split-second earlier than the action.

Tip 797 (Using the tripod on the lens): For many people, who are not used to the lens with a good zoom, don’t realize how heavy a camera with a lens can become, and how the balance of the camera is now in the beginning of the lens rather than in the camera body. So, when you use a tripod, be very careful that you are setting the tripod on the tripod foot (if the lens does have a tripod foot).

Tip 798 (Careful for your equipment): When you have an interesting game going that is also popular with a number of fans, then the atmosphere can become boisterous. If you are not next to the field or in a special enclosure, then you need to be careful that your equipment does not get jostled, or some liquid falls on your equipment.

Tip 799 (Follow the game): The trick for getting a good shot is to be closely following the game, and also knowing the key players who can be explosive. It is only when you are able to anticipate the motion, and the action, that you get the best shots of all the action.

Tip 800 (Check whether you can move closer to the action): When you are not at a professional match, or say when you are watching a match that is not so popular, you could actually make a request for moving much closer to the field. If the administrators see that you are carrying some decent equipment, they can let you get closer to the action.

Book: Sports Photography: How to Capture Action and Emotion (Paperback)

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