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Getting some great photographs of soccer games – Photo tips to improve your techniques (contd) ..

Tip 806 (Getting rid of the clutter through zoom): For shooting the action in soccer games, be prepared to zoom most of the time; this helps in getting rid of a lot of side items in the photo that you really never need. During a fast action play, it may make sense to keep the camera on zoom most of the time rather than zooming when you see some action, and in which you lose time.

Tip 807 (Learn to anticipate the action): Think about the following scenario – you see an action, see the forward heading the ball into the net, and press the button to open the shutter almost as soon as you see the action, and then you find the shot is a bit late. You need to practise about how to anticipate the action, and in some cases, you will find that the action did not happen, but you in many cases, you will find that the action was caught when you needed it.

Tip 808 (Using burst mode): When a fast play is happening, then getting the right photo at the right time can be a bit difficult. If you have a camera with a burst mode, then you should really be using it. The burst mode captures a number (3-5) photos with very little delay, increasing the chance that you will get a much better photo.

Tip 809 (Removing unwanted objects by shooting from a low angle): When you shoot from a low angle, it is easier to capture the actual action and avoid capturing a lot of the other objects that you really don’t want in your photo. It also gets a better photo of the players and the action, and seems to make them bigger in the photo.

Tip 810 (Shooting the ball when it is in the air): Seen those shots where the soccer ball is in the air ? Don’t they look great ? Try and shoot such photos more often (you will need a fast shutter speed though), and see how people start admiring your photos.

Book: Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera

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