June 2010
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How to use natural light sources at home to get some interesting lighting for your photos – 1

Tip 746 (Look for light sources inside your home): When taking photos inside your home, you can wonder about getting the appropriate lighting conditions. However, when you start looking, you can find many different light sources inside your home itself.

Tip 747 (Using light from windows): When shooting inside your home, light from windows is one of the most effective light sources available naturally; this light source can be used for providing lighting for different types of subjects, such as people or static objects.

Tip 748 (Diffusing or controlling windows light): Controlling the amount of light available through a window or door can be done fairly easily. In some cases, the light may be very strong and the intensity needs to be reduced. This can be done through normally diffusing material such as curtains, Butter paper or thin sheets.

Tip 749 (Understanding the color of light): Light sources inside the house can have a great affect on the tones of your photo, since the light can be warm or cool (it could be a CFL, or a tube light, or some other source). Once you understand this, you can set an appropriate Color Balance white shooting or while post-processing.

Tip 750 (Using low light sources): Even sources of light that are very low light such as a candle light can have a great effect on your photos, if you remember many photos in which you have a nice play of light and shadows that happens when you use the light from a candle to illuminate the faces of people.

Book: Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera

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