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How to use natural light sources at home to get some interesting lighting for your photos – 2

Tip 751 (Use a lamp shade): Lamp shades can add different touches of pattern, intensity, and variations to your photos, given
that lamp shades can have different patterns, and if you are able to use these varying patterns of light as the source of
light, you get some interesting photos.

Tip 752 (Using a torch as a spotlight): When there is a very low level of ambient light, a torch light can be used to create some very interesting light patterns. Use the light to illuminate specific areas of the subjects, and adding mirrors for varying the light makes for interesting photos.

Tip 753 (Use smaller devices for light): When there is very little light, even very small generators of light such as cell phones, LED’s, etc can serve as providers of light. Use some of the appropriate scenes in your camera (such as Night mode) to take photos in such conditions. Not all such photos come out, but some of them have a great look.

Tip 754 (Using CFL devices): In the last some years, the usage of CFL lamps has increased dramatically in the house. CFL lamps have a great advantage as sources of light; they emit white light, and do not cause any color cast in the photos.

Tip 755 (Using Fluorescent tubelights): CFL lamps are a recent phenomenon. Earlier (and most places even now) there are tubelights present in indoor locations. These are long tubes, and can cause shadows if these are used for portraits. Further, the amount of light they generate is not enought in most cases for portraits and either tripods, or other light sources are used. However, when used in long or twisting places such as staircases where no other light sources are present, the tubelights can cause some interesting effects in the photos.

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