June 2010
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Getting some incredible photography done inside your home, some tips and techniques – Part 5

Tip 781 (Using textured walls for getting an uneven reflection): Have some of those textured walls in your house ? You know the kind where the paint is not smooth, and the wall surface is uneven by design. Use that as a backdrop for photos where the light is not very bright, and you will find that the background for your photos will have its own charm, rather than being a dull bore.

Tip 782 (Use polished wood): Polished wood can be present in many different areas of your house. It could be on the surface of your table, it could be the exterior of cupboards, use that as the background for photos with some object in the foreground (and adjust your depth of field so that the background is not a blur). Ordinarily, backgrounds can be distracting, but not everytime.

Tip 783 (Use off knick-knacks): Every house has an assorted stuff of odd knick-knacks, such as fancy table salt shakers, the weird but beautiful hanging charm, the odd polished wooden stump, and many other such things. Get them into odd combinations, singly or in groups, and experiment until you get some nice looking photos (that is the advantage of digital, you can take as many as you want and delete the ones that you don’t like).

Tip 784 (Steam from the morning cuppa): Fond of your morning cup of tea or coffee. In the morning, when the external light is not very sharp and is indeed slanted, the steam from the cup can be caught fairly easily, and comes out nice in many photos. Try this on, even if you have to use a tripod for this.

Tip 785 (Person with the morning cup): You would have seen shots of people enjoying their favorite cup of tea / coffee. How many shots have you seen of the shadow of them, or capturing both their views as well as the excellent shadows you get in the morning or the evening when the shadows can be much longer. Try these out.

Book: National Geographic Photography Field Guide: People and Portraits (Paperback)

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