June 2010
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Getting some incredible photography done inside your home, some tips and techniques – Part 4

Tip 776 (Look for abstract photos): Getting some good abstract photos can take a fair amount of practice and some amount of luck. Consider that you have so many different objects in your home that can make for some abstract photos, such as the contents of your tool box, your stationery kits, patterns on various glass bottles, and so on. It requires a good eye to find these patterns though.

Tip 777 (Look for insects, spiderwebs, etc): This may seem very ugly to some of you, but every home contains insects, spiders, and so on. Find these on the different corners and untouched portions of your home, and then try to get some good shots of these, and you will get some great shots.

Tip 778 (Look for some textures): Textures are visible on the cracks and edges of different types of surfaces, such as the edge of wood, glass edges and cracks, the threads from various cloths, and so on. These textures can look very interesting when they fill out the entire photo, with proper lighting in the photo.

Tip 779 (Look for contrasts in your photos): In your own home, you can modify many settings and subjects to get the desired effect. A striking blue cup on a yellow table cloth makes for a striking photo, and you need not look too far in your home to get such striking contrasts. Find those contrasts, and shoot them to get some great photos.

Tip 780 (Use the reflecting surfaces in your home): Every home has many reflecting surfaces, such as mirrors which tend to be more perfect reflectors, and then other objects such as the glass surfaces of cupboards, windows, etc, and metal sheets. All of these provide reflections, some more perfect, some less perfect, and you can get some great shots of these reflections of your subjects.

Book: Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age (Paperback) (by Robert Hirsch) –

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