June 2010
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Getting some incredible photography done inside your home, some tips and techniques – Part 3

Tip 771 (Look for focusing on colors): In the comforts of your own home, you can control the settings of your photos. Look for objects that are very strong in one color or arrange color specific objects, and then try to shoot photos emphasizing that color with the background being set to highlight the color.

Tip 772 (Look for patters in your rooms and articles): There are many areas of pattern in your house, whether it be the metal latticework in windows and bedsheets; look for these and shoot photos that emphasize these patterns. You might be surprised at some of the shots you get.

Tip 773 (Look for water based patterns): Both in the kitchen and bathroom, you have a wonderful subject, water. Whether it be the water dripping from a faucet, or the water forming in soap bubbles in your bath, you can get some very interesting photos. Even the reflection of objects in water puddles in your bathroom can look very interesting.

Tip 774 (Look more carefully inside your kitchen): A kitchen can house many objects that lead to interesting photos, such as various types of vessels, food articles, jars, the kitchen table, many cooking ladles, and all of these can be shot with a lot of mastery. Experiment with many of these photos until you get some great shots.

Tip 775 (Fruit bowl photos): Remember those artistic works of art of fruit bowls, and many similar great photos of the same. You can experiment with the fruits you have in your house, arrange them in different ways, have back-lighting for those fruit bowls, and so on. Experiment with different sized fruits and fruits with different levels of opacity, and you will be surprised at the level of quality you can get.

Book: Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera

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