June 2010
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Getting some incredible photography done inside your home, some tips and techniques – Part 1

Tip 761 (Getting some good photos at home): You may be doing a lot of photography in varied destinations out of your home, and experimenting with different light settings and planning trips to different locations. However, have you ever thought about taking photos inside your home in different settings, of many objects that otherwise seem common and obvious, but in different light conditions and settings, there are some interesting photos to be had. Learn to look for some great photos in your home.

Tip 762 (Focus on your favorite objects): Many items in the house have a great value to you; gifts from loved ones, books that you love reading again and again, the favorite reclining chair, all of these make for some great photos. Think about putting them together, think about taking their photos along with your loved ones, and you will have some great photos as reminders over the years.

Tip 763 (Using light and shadows): The amount of light and shadows that you can find in your home can vary greatly from place to place, and from time to time. There are many different forms of light in the home, such as bulbs, CFL, tubelights, candle lights, light coming in through the windows and doors, through curtains, under the edges of doorways, etc. These in turn also provide some good shadows that can be very interesting to capture. The amount of variations using these different light sources under different conditions can provide a huge number of photos, and in most cases, there is actually no way for somebody to spot that all of them are shot in the same location.

Tip 764 (Focus on the decorative objects at home): Every home has some amount of decorative objects at home, such as flower vases, statues, paintings, frames, and many other similar objects. Shooting them in macro mode or as part of the overall setting, or in different lighting conditions, all of these provide a number of different types of photos.

Tip 765 (Explore different vantage points at home): Inside your home, you look at objects from a normal everyday viewpoint. Consider what happens when you look at some things from a different vantage point. Take a ladder and stand on its top leg inside your living or drawing room, look at your room from a corner that you would not normally be in, a view of your kitchen table from the top, get a wide angle lens inside your home, all of these present a very different view and many of these can be very interesting shots.

Book: The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

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