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How to take photos of the moon – Improve your photo shooting capabilities and your technique (contd..)

Tip 711 (Use RAW when possible): RAW allows you to adjustments in non-destructive (non-lossy) mode. When you are taking photos of the night, and with the moon, there is a strong chance that you will want to do white balance adjustments, and for doing those adjustments in the camera, you need to shoot in RAW.

Tip 712 (Explore shooting using a tungsten white balance): Consider varying the white balance (if your camera allows changing the white balance), and view the resultant photos. You may be surprised, since the photos develop a nice tint.

Tip 713 (Focusing on infinity): When shooting for the moon, override the automatic focus of your camera, and focus on infinity; this helps in ensuring that when you do get a good photo of the moon, the focus is fine.

Tip 714 (Astrophotography – both camera and telescope on their own tripods): Using a telescope mated along with your camera can present some good results. But there are some precautions. You need to minimize or eliminate shake, so set both the telescope and camera on tripods. Then match the camera with the telescope using a lens extender. And you really cannot see what you are doing, and will need to experiment.

Tip 715 (Astrophotography – using the telescope for adjusting focus and zoom): When you use a telescope mated to a camera, then you have to depend on many of the controls of the telescope to get a great image, including the desired level of zoom, and making sure that the focus is excellent.

Book: Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age (Paperback) (by Robert Hirsch) –

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