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How to take photos of the moon – Improve your photo shooting capabilities and your technique (contd..)

Tip 701 (Use tree branches to frame your photos): When you are taking photos of the moon as it is (without trying to show the moon over a landscape), the image can look much better when you get some tree branches in the photo, such that those branches seem to frame the moon on the lower half. This can make the photo look much better.

Tip 702 (Use the surrounding architecture to get the moon into photos): If you are near some great monuments or architectural marvels, try to take photos when the moon can be in the photo. For example, when I was near the Great Pyramids in Egypt, I took photos of the moon next to the Great Pyramids, since it can give a great feel to such photos.

Tip 703 (Look for images other than the full moon): The full moon looks more attractive, but consider taking photos when the moon is half or at a smaller crescent. At less than full moon, the craters and valleys of the moon are lighted up from the side, and shadows are created.

Tip 704 (Night mode setting of the cameras): A lot of the cameras will have a Night mode setting / mode / scene, which turns off the flash, increases the ISO settings, and increases the exposure. This is a good start if you don’t have too much confidence in manually adjusting these settings.

Tip 705 (Adjusting for the exposure problems in the camera): When you consider the night sky, it is very dark, except for the bright portion that is the moon. Consider the fact that the moon shines bright, and as a result, the exposure conditions between the moon and the rest of the sky is so great that auto-exposure functioning of the camera just does not work out. You would need to do some exposure compensation for getting better photos.

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